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Great job!  Thank you very much. I was singing your praises at the event last night.


John Lewis  Vice President & General Counsel
United Nations Federal Credit Union

Dear Aaron,

On behalf of The Cathedral NYC, I would like to thank you for your generous participation in our grand opening. Without your service, the event would not have been the same, and we express our utmost gratitude.



Thanks, Aaron.
Yes.  It was great.
everything ran smoothly for you last night at Cipriani's 42nd St.

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for the superb job you and your company did that made my party such a success.

Just a quick note of thanks for all of your help with our CAIT Dedication yesterday.  The layout was wonderful, it could not have worked out any better than it did.  And I can't thank you enough for being "on call" with trying to get us a marquee tent in case of rain - although I must say, someone was looking down on us because we certainly did not need it!



Good afternoon, Steve. 
Thank you for all your assistance with Community Fest.  Obvioulsy, we wish the weather had been better, but we still were able to hold the event and the tents certainly were helpful. Your suggested layouts and diagrams were greatly appreciated.

Let's do it again sometime soon!

Audrey Perrotti


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